Come be Inspired!

The conference title and “fingerprint heart” image speak to our personhood and how we are each unique, unrepeatable human beings with inherent dignity, made in God’s  image.

Our theme and program are designed to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, and EQUIP participants in upholding the most vulnerable members of society against the attacks from the culture of death. 

Come hear dynamic speakers present the Catholic Church teachings on today’s critical life issues. Be inspired and equipped to protect the LEAST AMONG US.

​Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish will be provided thanks to the support from the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary. There are limited quantities of headphones available. Availability will be first come, first serve.

Se ofrecerá traducción simultánea del inglés al español

Tendremos traducción simultánea del inglés al español en el Congreso Estatal de Respeto a la Vida, gracias a las Siervas de los Corazones Traspasados de Jesús y de María. La cantidad de audífonos es limitada y se entregarán por orden de llegada.

Respect Life Ministry

Archdiocese of Miami