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Ethical Questions on Health Care and Life Sciences?

Need a Consultation?

Whether you are an institution or an individual (physician, nurse or other health care provider, researcher, family member of someone near the end of life) the National Catholic Bioethics Center can help you!

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[ Emergency Hotline (24/7) : 215-877-2660 ]

​​A new way to support

the Respect Life Ministry!


a Catholic pro-life phone service.
With CHARITY MOBILE, you'll be helping to support the Culture of Life in the Archdiocese of Miami. Pro-Life organizations need every dollar possible to carry out their life-saving missions.  With Sienna, 5% of your monthly cell phone plan price can go to Respect Life Ministry Archdiocese of Miami at NO additional cost to you. There are no contracts, no termination fees, no plan change fees, and no risk, with a 30 day return policy.

Go to or call 1-877-474-3662 and choose RESPECT LIFE ARCHDIOCESE OF MIAMI as your charity of choice.

... Stem Cell Research, IVF, Reproductive Technology, Cloning, Criminal and Restorative Justice, Death Penalty, Life Imprisonment, Domestic Violence ... upholding the Culture of Life!

The Detention Ministry

of the Archdiocese

needs Volunters

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Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide / IV Removal

Do you and your loved ones have an Advanced Medical Directive / Living Will and Surrogate Designation?

It can save your life, even in Florida and other states where Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide are illegal!

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by Blessed Paul VI

We address:


Post-Aborton Healing, Assisted Suicide,  Euthanasia, Abstinence, Chastity, Contraception ...

     Safe Haven

                                                                       Providing anonymous alternatives to abandonment

                                                                 through education, prevention, and community involvement

                            213 precious little lives have been  saved  They all now have a future.  

        1-877-767-BABY (2229)

                              Your confidentiality is protected - You are not alone!

"Choose life" license plates

Revenue generated from sales of the Choose Life specialty plate goes to counseling and meeting the physical needs of pregnant women who are committed to placing their children for adoption.

Statutory Authorization: 320.08058 (29)

Enacted: 1/1/1989    Amended:  7/1/2010

Annual Use Fee:    $20.00

culture of life series

"Walk as children of light..."

                                   - Ephesians 5:8                        


A Catholic Response to Florida's Death Penalty

Florida is an outlier: 18 states have repealed the death penalty, six in the last six years.  Of the states that continue to use the death penalty, Florida is one of three that does not require a unanimous jury to recommend the death penalty!

Saint John Paul II

Pro-Life Hero!

Saint John Paul II innately understood the  darkness of the struggle for the right to life for children in the womb. After all, he had endured years in the midst of the evil and darkness that had enveloped his beloved Poland, never giving in or giving up, resisting as he could until the day freedom was won.  We need to do the same in the pro-life movement. Suggested reading (click to open) :

Catholic Bioethics Master of Science